circles of grace place

sharing ministry and life together

so what are the circles of grace place?

Linking and connecting women of all ages together to a place of grace and living life together!

  • Circles of Grace Place bring women together – one circle intertwines with another – making us one.
  • Individual circles are focus or interest areas that lead us together with others.
  • Circles are not to be joined, but provide participation for women to connect with each other and other areas of women’s ministry.
  • Everyone has a place at Grace Place and all are welcome.
  • Circles provide a platform for all to share their talents and gifts, even when that gift may only be supporting and cheering on others.
  • Circles allow everyone to have a voice and share their gifts.

We pray that this will be a place for you – a place you will grow in your faith and all that God has planned for your life. Please don’t hesitate to ask any of us on how we can help you find your place at Grace Place.

let’s get together soon

are you ready to make a difference?